With software solutions and brands in 70 countries in terms of travel technologies, SAN TSG offers important advantages to travel agencies, tour operators, hotels as well as all companies operating in the field of tourism.

SAN Group Chairman Erol Türk evaluated the software solutions in the field of travel technologies and the advantages they offer to the companies and companies they work with in the Tourism Diary.

Here are SAN TSG software solutions from Paximum to San Flight and the advantages they offer:


Can you give information about your company? What is SAN TSG? Which brands does it serve the tourism sector?

Our company, which started working on “agency software” in 1993, specializes in travel technologies and produces software solutions that are actively used in 70 countries.

Locomotive products are “Sejour” which is Incoming agency software, “TourVisio” which is tour operator software.


In addition to these, our main products are “Abacus” as accounting software, B2B, B2C systems, web service – XML ​​products, “Hotel2Sejour”, which is used between more than 4 thousand hotels and 150 agencies as hotel agency reservation communication, and the aircraft XML platform “San Flight”.

By combining the powers of San TSG products with Paximum’s “Global Travel Marketplace” project, which is a different affiliate with the partnership of San TSG, we have started to make works that have made more noise in the global market.

Your Paximum brand has started to stand out recently. What is Paximum? What are the added values ​​created for the tourism sector stakeholders?

Paximum is a joint stock company partnership, with its major partnership being San TSG. The former CEO of the Bertelsmann group, currently one of the largest groups in Europe. Günther is Thielen.


It diversifies the services we call Paximum travel products such as hotels, airplanes, transfers, rent a car, daily tours with XML-API integrations, and delivers the most convenient and fastest alternatives to the tour operators and agencies. Here, all control is at supplier agents or Bed banks. We distribute their quotas, prices and terms to B2B channels and tour operators globally.

Paximum brought speed, integration diversity and sales solutions to the travel industry. Hotels are now able to sell their vacant rooms faster and through their own incoming agencies.


I Paxie is a company that serves the global market, central Turkey / it is in Antalya.

I Paxie not only in Turkey but also in the global travel market that has a very sound position. I Paximum, the more data compared to other companies carrying out similar activities in Turkey is the only company that provides a variety of alternative and integration. Globally, it is in the top 10 in terms of these capabilities.


Can you describe the Paximum working model? For example, do you determine the prices of the hotels or are the agencies entering the system themselves on the basis of their contracts?

Think of yourself as a hotelier, you are contracting with agencies operating globally or locally like Hotelbeds. Hotelbeds and the incoming agencies you have contracted are working with us to sell the product at hand, so we are their customers. We consolidate hotel prices from contracting companies and serve to other operators, B2B channels as commercial counterparts.

As a hotelier, you are giving price to the Albanian market, we serve that price to channels that can produce sales in less than 1 second, again valid for the Albanian market. As this example, the fastest solution to your need to produce alternative markets goes through Paximum.

We have made huge investments, learned a lot to produce these solutions, and now there is almost nowhere in the global market that we are not integrated. We sell Dubai to Chinese operators and US to Spanish sellers. We sell resort destinations to Eastern European sellers. German tour operator to Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Bulgaria are selling.


All this fiction was made possible by an effective business functioning, qualified personnel, patience, investment and technical capabilities. Each of our employees is fluent in different foreign languages ​​and we support our partners 24/7, our employees are experienced in “agency – hotel – tour operator” and have developed themselves in software and technology.

As a result, agencies freely define hotel prices on the system themselves, based on their contracts. Although agencies do this job, does the low price of hotels sometimes leave a question mark in the way you manipulate hotel prices as a company?

We have received complaints in this direction. We have contracts with each supplier and vendor, there are special company-specific regulations that specify sectoral practices called SLA. Some companies that do not comply with these may emerge, but we do not cooperate with those who harm our image.

For example, you are also a hotel manager and you have contracted with an agency, and given valid prices to certain markets, but if the agency opens these prices for the markets that are not valid (deliberate or by mistake), it may be a case of opening to a different market because we only transfer data.

Consider this situation as follows; You entered an extranet that you used, while you entered 100 Euros, you entered 10 Euros by mistake and you opened this price to all nationalities by mistake. In this case, the error is caused by you, but many companies in the world have made sales and tour operators you have worked with have seen this situation and warned you.


In fact, all kinds of disruption that may occur following the manual market – price strategies that have been experienced in the sector for 10 years can also be experienced when the technology is in effect and the only reason that provides the human fault is that it originates from either the hotel or the supplier agency! We do not have any mistakes at this stage, because a hotel with a technically German price cannot be sold at Russian prices, it is as unlikely that an e-mail to be sent to X person will go to Y person with the same mail address. So these are all pilotage errors … We have a recommendation to hotels that have a problem in this regard.

If he thinks that the price he does not give is on the market and wants to know who he is going from, he can easily determine this by making a reservation at that price. The booking form will arrive at the hotel shortly. Apart from human errors, using the Paximum platform for different purposes is definitely not what we approve of.


Which tourism stakeholders should work with Paximum? Why?

Official agencies that are travel products can become suppliers to us. Tour operators who will sell package tours, B2B online distributors and sales agents working only in the B2B market may also be Paximum vendors. On the other hand, technology companies that will join 2 different platforms can also be our business partners.

Apart from loading the hotels into the system, can services such as transfer, excursion, scheduled or charter flight tickets and car rentals be introduced to the system?

Yes, with our own brand “San Flight” aircraft integration HUB, we can integrate the GDS and XML of the aircraft companies to serve a dynamic package or only flight tickets. We are also operating in the form of purchasing products from either dynamic XML or static extranet in terms of excursion and transfer.


How many countries and how many suppliers do you work with worldwide? If there is an interesting gain about the stakeholders in the system, an example of a success story, would you share it?

We have customers all over the world, from Thailand to China, from Sri Lanka to the UK, from Canada to Chile.

As a global supplier (bed bank), we have integration with almost all main suppliers. We can say that we have a total of 200 XML integrations with the suppliers. In fact, we have a lot of success stories and many of the world’s leading brands preferred us.

Atlas Holidays ‘ agency brand Atlas Holidays provides all technology infrastructure from us. It also buys products from Paximum commercially. AeroFlot brand Pobeda Airlines also provided dynamic packaging and all software from us. Companies such as Rus Ostovok and Russian Express supply products from Paximum. The top 5 companies in Iran have integrated Paximum XML. Amadeus sells Paximum products in Global GDS. Companies such as China Ctrip, Dida, Hoaqiao buy products from Paximum. We are the first Turkish company to be integrated into the Peakwork Hub in Germany. Again, you are one of the top suppliers of German dynamic operators in companies such as LMX, JT, XPUR. LotsofHotels (webbeds), W2M, Hotelspro Like brands, we are a Premium supplier in Spain based Travelgate company … There are hotels that receive 3 thousand pax annually for us.


Which of your other tourism software can be used in order to use Paximum more efficiently, can further increase the income of your cooperating partners or ease the workload?

Any incoming agency that uses Sejour and has agency authority can become a Paximum supplier. Of course, it is important to provide services at sectoral standards. On the other hand, every tour operator using WhiteVisio and White Label B2B areas can be the authorized distributor of Paximum products as if it were their own brand.

Finally, how many pax are brokers selling each year? Can you share the goals of Paximum in the near and long term?

We aim to close 2019 with 250 thousand pax in hotel product. It is in the direction that we can easily catch this figure that is now visible. We are pretty good in the German market. In addition, we have seen a good increase in the Russian market, in the Iranian and Middle Eastern markets. We are working on larger deals in the UK market. We aim to take place in every channel in terms of B2B globally and to be among the top 5 in the B2B Online business in the medium term.

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