SAN Tourism Software Group (TSG SAN), since its establishment in 1993, it uses 85% of the incoming agency in Turkey Sejour stands out with software. It broke new ground in the last quarter of last year.

He built the first building in Antalya Teknokent with only SAN TSG affiliates. They moved to their new office of 3,700 square meters. Paximum with software that was founded in 2015. Turkey’s reservation within minutes of the hotel has been dropped. Turkey fills the empty capacity of the hotel he was able to make a significant contribution to tourism. SAN TSG, thanks to Paximum brand, the easier to get a reservation of the hotel in Turkey is both different nationalities. Moreover, especially in many countries was also contribute to the awareness of the hotel with holiday destinations in Turkey. It started to be recognized in the global tourism market.

San Academy Placed Arms for Qualified Staff in Tourism

Besides the Paximum brands, Sejour has facilitated the operational processes of travel agencies and hotels with the software of TourVisio, Hotel2Sejour, SanFlight, and Abacus. SAN TSG, with a visionary approach, rolled up its sleeves to train qualified personnel in the tourism industry. As of January 2020, those who have graduated from the new university under the SAN Academy brand, who want to take a break and return to tourism will work. And also he started to give training seminars to people outside the sector, who are willing to work in the tourism sector, through tourism experts.

Great Educational Mobilization from San Academy

SAN Academy Manager Songül Özcan spoke about the training seminars. Ozcan, “In the past, he only provided the training of our own software to our travel agents and operators. With our SAN Academy brand, we are implementing a training program that is open to the outside for the first time. Our courses are open to the participation of people who are still students or who do not work in the sector and want to enter this sector. With this opportunity, we will meet the training demands of our group companies from abroad. In addition, we have created a program for our agencies that we can increase the level of user information. We have also added lessons in our training curriculum where we describe tourism terminology and tourism concepts. We wanted to bring our new participants closer to the sector. In the upcoming training calendar, we also invited experienced tourism professionals from the industry to our training. We aim to make our trainees aware of the most up-to-date topics in tourism and to provide them with a visionary tourism perspective with their presentations. We started our training calendar with “Sejour Expert User” training every Tuesday and Thursday. We have a total of 8 days and 60 hours of planned training. We have now completed the certification process for our first group. We presented their certificates with a ceremony to 20 trainees who successfully completed the training of our Sejour Incoming Agency program. We will implement the same program in the following months. However, by dividing into sections according to its expertise; We are planning to open training seminars in different fields such as Contract Specialist, Reservation Specialist, and Operation Specialist. ” said.

Educational Support from San Academy for qualified personnel in tourism

Related training seminars and visionary work done SAN TSG Chairman of the Board of evil blood Erol Turkey made a statement. Turkish“Our goal is to support the need for qualified personnel, which are felt in the tourism sector, within the framework of a social responsibility project. First, Turkey Our Sejour program, which is widely used throughout the close to 85% and its affiliated employees, is hotel2sejo, TOURVISIO, we started our training for our Paximum with Abacus software. We think that it will bring qualified personnel to the tourism sector in a short time. We will also have certificate training in areas such as contract, reservation, operation, and sales specialist. We set out with the aim of teaching the latest developments in the tourism sector, especially Incoming, and the tourism terminology, which is the language of tourism. As a result of the work, we do provide qualified personnel to the tourism sector in Turkey. Contributing to our country’s tourism activities on this occasion will make us happy. “In addition, the area of ​​certification and successful people, both within the SAN TSG and Turkey to begin working on much incoming agency. Currently, we made our job offer for 2 of our January trainees for job positions in our company. ” As of March, it was announced by SAN Academy that there will be both Sejour and TourVisio training. Also, those who wish to work in Tour Operators have been given the good news that a one-month tourism academy training will start.

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