Pobeda, which is part of the Aeroflot Group, the flag carrier company of Russia, presented its PobedaTravel website to its customers using the SanFlight infrastructure at “travel.pobeda.aero” to sell hotel and package tours along with the airline’s route network.

Pobeda has expanded its service network to its customers as a full-scale travel brand by using the TourVisio Tour Operator Program and SanFlight products, which is the advanced online flight ticketing system, for SanTSG’s tour operators to manage their business processes.

With this service, which will provide an average of 15% benefit, Pobeda Travel enabled its customers to choose a package tour including flight tickets and hotel accommodation. Thus, customers get the convenience of planning their travels from one point to another quickly and reliably, without paying any extra fee to other service providers.

Pobeda Airlines General Manager Andrey Kalmykov for the PobedaTravel Project in a press release: “We know what our customers need and start a global modernization, taking into account their needs.” told.

Kalmykov: “In addition to being Russia’s low-budget airline, Pobeda is also the country’s third-largest airline and has received the title of Europe’s fastest-growing low-budget company. Pobeda has now expanded its range further, becoming a full-fledged Travel Brand and a reliable, profitable and modern travel partner of any traveler.
Our team has launched a service that will bring together the best accommodation options in all cities of the airline’s route network.
PobedaTravel is a very profitable and highly reliable tour operator that will definitely provide transportation and comfort for its customers. ”

When customers choose the destinations they will travel to, PobedaTravel is offered to the visitors as a package with the hotels added to the TourVisio tour operator system with the SanFlight infrastructure thanks to the SanFlight infrastructure.

Customers can examine all details such as flight information, accommodation, facility, and pictures in the package they choose, and with a few clicks, they can also perform additional services such as seat selection and travel insurance.

Pobeda Airlines started its flights in December 2014. Thanks to its pricing policy and unique model, it has become the most popular carrier in the Russian market. Pobeda, which has the highest rate among Russian scheduled airlines, has an average occupancy rate of 96% on flights and reaches 100% on most flights.

About SanFlight;
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