EfesTur, which is part of Anadolu Holding`, Turkey is one of the largest travel agencies. It has invested in its technological infrastructure in order to provide the best service to the travel needs of its corporate and individual customers.
EfesTur aimed to satisfy its customers with the most advanced technological infrastructure.
Turkey’s tourism sector has the best experience in software collaboration with SANTSG.

EfesTur, which is a member of A Group Travel Agency and IATA, has realized its project which aims to offer corporate events, accommodation, domestic-international flight ticket sales, visa transactions, domestic-international transfer transactions with the innovations provided by SanTSG technology.

SanTSG aims to make a difference with the b2b.efestur.com platform, by allowing EfesTur to make reservation management of their travels quickly and easily, with the software developed with the latest technological infrastructure and the industry experience added to it.

EfesTur also aims to be the first choice of companies in corporate travel planning with the b2b.efestur.com platform. It offers travel needs such as hotels, air tickets, rental cars, transfers and visas to individual and corporate customers through “b2b.efestur.com” through a single portal.

EfesTur provides automation of travel processes by working in integration with the b2b.efestur.com travel portal and TMS program where the travel processes of the Holding employees are organized.

EfesTur offers the opportunity to compare all airlines in one screen, providing the integration of Amadeus GDS, THY, Pegasus and Sunexpress airlines with the SanTSG’s “SanFlight” airline sales system, on b2b.efestur.com travel portal that provides solutions for all the needs of its customers. and offers comfort.

With the advanced infrastructure of “SanFlight”, EfesTur,
Ability to issue a single ticket to its customers from different airlines,
opportunity to book with corporate prices,
Ability to perform transactions such as cancellation and void with one click,
Ability to issue tickets to different types of passengers,
package and class selection
It also offers features like.

Within the scope of SanTSG’s EfesTur digital transformation project, TourVisio solution enables accounting flows to be converted into a fully integrated and online working structure. Thus, supplier-customer current movements, E-Archive, E-Invoice flows are taken instantly and an end-to-end solution is offered.

With the digital transformation project, it also offers instant and full reporting to its customers by following the tickets received from the airline agency panel and the tickets received from the GDS terminals in a single system thanks to the automatic transfer system.

According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) report, the Corporate Travel Industry reached the market at 1.33 Trillion USD worldwide and this figure is expected to reach 1.7 Trillion USD in 2022. The corporate travel industry in Turkey, with a market of about 2.4 billion USD.

About SAN TSG:
SAN TSG (SAN Tourism Software Group) started working on Agency Software in 1992.
He is specialized in tourism software and travel technologies with his knowledge and experience.
70 countries actively are used in SANTSG producing software solutions,

Used by all agencies in Turkey “Sejour” and tour operator software “TOURVISIO” are the company’s main product.”Abacus” as accounting software as well as “Sejour” and “TourVisio” products,
B2B, B2C systems,
web service – “Hotel2Sejour” used between 6000+ hotels and 250 agencies as XML products and hotel agency reservation communication,
The main software of the online flight ticket sales system “San Flight”, which produces new generation solutions for the flight ticket sales transactions of travel agencies and tour operators with or without IATA authorization, and offers all airlines and GDS on a single platform.
With the partnership of San TSG, Paximum’s “Global Travel Marketplace” project combines the powers of San TSG products, making works that make a lot more impact in the Global Market.