SAN TSG Now Certified Amadeus API Application Provider

SAN TSG, which offers solution partnerships to its customers in the travel industry with Incoming, Tour Operator, online flight ticket, and hotel reservation software, has signed an IT Partnership agreement with Global Amadeus, which is recognized by all Amadeus offices around the world. (Licensed Amadeus API Client Application Provider) With this agreement, Travel agencies that

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San Academy Placed Arms for Qualified Staff in Tourism

SAN Tourism Software Group (TSG SAN), since its establishment in 1993, it uses 85% of the incoming agency in Turkey Sejour stands out with software. It broke new ground in the last quarter of last year. He built the first building in Antalya Teknokent with only SAN TSG affiliates. They moved to their new office of

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SAN Tourism Software Group is in Antalya Teknokent with its New Building!

At the 9th International Resort Tourism Congress held in Antalya, Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy announced that we closed 2018 with an income of 29.5 billion dollars and this year we will reach an income of 34.5 billion dollars. As a country, it was stated that we reached the target of 65 billion

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Paximum will close 2019 with 250 thousand people and 50 million Euro turnover

SAN Tourism Software Group (SAN TSG) Chairman Erol Turkey, stating that they focus on Turkey's 2023 target, "our software in 70 countries in the global use. To find a place in every channel in the B2B space in the global market and B2B online business in the medium term in the world we are aiming

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Pobeda Travel is online with SanFlight technologies

Pobeda, which is part of the Aeroflot Group, the flag carrier company of Russia, presented its PobedaTravel website to its customers using the SanFlight infrastructure at “” to sell hotel and package tours along with the airline's route network. Pobeda has expanded its service network to its customers as a full-scale travel brand by using

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Hotels globalize with Paximum

Hotels will now be able to sell their vacant rooms with Paximum fast and with their own rules through incoming agencies. the incoming agency in Turkey "Sejour" is written with the familiar San Tourism Software Group, started its activities in 1993. The company, which integrates hotels with “Hotel2Sejour” software and agencies using Sejour, includes hotels in

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He realized the EfesTur Digital Transformation Project with SanTSG.

EfesTur, which is part of Anadolu Holding`, Turkey is one of the largest travel agencies. It has invested in its technological infrastructure in order to provide the best service to the travel needs of its corporate and individual customers. EfesTur aimed to satisfy its customers with the most advanced technological infrastructure. Turkey's tourism sector has

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SAN TSG offers advantageous solutions to the tourism sector in 70 countries

With software solutions and brands in 70 countries in terms of travel technologies, SAN TSG offers important advantages to travel agencies, tour operators, hotels as well as all companies operating in the field of tourism. SAN Group Chairman Erol Türk evaluated the software solutions in the field of travel technologies and the advantages they offer to

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Award to SanFlight from Travelport

Our SanFlight solution which is backed with Travelport Universal API as well is empowering our Paximum dynamic packaging and whole flight inventory. It was great to join to Tarvelport digital trends meeting. Special thanks to #Travelport for honouring us.

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Realized AnTur Digital Transformation Project with SanFlight

Antur, Dogus Holding is always located between the vanguard of change since 1976, "Adding value to the moment" giving philosophy. In order to provide the best service for the travel needs of its corporate and individual customers, to contribute to the country tourism, has developed the corporate agency system developed by SanTSG. AnTur is

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